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This is a further development of the WWU Fall 2016 GameJam submission. This can be found here:
PotGK GameJam Edition

In every game, there is one character that shines above all the rest with his desperate cries for help. One who can stand behind an army of loyal henchmen and STILL lose to that pesky lone hero. In our adventure, this is the Gerbil King!
Said hero has found your lair, and is invading to smash your precious gerbil-powered doomsday device! What's a villain got to do to get a break?
But alas, you'll never win. The hero's inexplicable ability to revive from death again and again, and his affinity for cashing in for bigger and better weapons and armor, means he will inevitably reach you. But you can at least try to bide for time and have your name go down in villainous history!


  • W/Up/Scroll wheel up = Scroll Camera Up
  • D/Down/Scroll Wheel down = Scroll Camera Down
  • Esc = Pause/Unpause
  • Right Click = Deselect Trap/Distraction Selection
  • Left Click = Select/Place

How To Play
- Your primary tools in this endeavor are your loyal gerbils. Have the Minion toolbar selected, and click a door to select it. Then you're free to spawn minions by clicking on their icons in the toolbar.

- You can also place traps. To do this, access your Traps toolbar, and click the trap you wish to purchase. Then click anywhere on the map to place it!

- If all else fails, you can throw money at the hero, and hope he gets distracted and goes away. Your loot caches are located in your Distractions Toolbar. Use the same method as your traps.

- If you change your mind and don't want to place a trap or loot crate anywhere, just right click.

- If all seems lost, ESCAPE offers a way out.

Known bugs:
- All living Rocket Minions will be destroyed upon Hero Revival.
- Sometimes minions take a second or two to acquire their target.

Original artwork done by: Donovan "Phil" Ritchie
Original soundtrack done by: Daniel Peterson
UI Design/Misc. Programming: Sereyvathanak Khorn
AI Design/Misc. Programming: Josh Northouse

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip file. Run the executable file contained within. Doesn't matter where it goes, as long as its next to its data file. They're buddies.


PotGK.zip 16 MB

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