A downloadable game for Windows

This game was a submission for the Western Washington University Spring 2016 Game Jam, made in Unity 5, in two days. To play the game, simply download and extract the .zip file, and run the executable.

  • All programming was done by Josh Northouse (With the exception of bullet lifetime code),
  • All music and sound was produced by Alex McQuiston (With the exception of "Oh Yeah!"),
  • All artwork, including background designs, title screen, and character design/sprite work was done by Chad Woodland (excluding block/particle effect textures),
  • Actual sprite animation and logic, as well as image asset compatibility control was done by Richard Olney.

Controls are explained in game, but be advised that "shooting" and "moving" are two different states, and you can not do one without the other. You will fire towards your mouse, which does not have a fancy crosshair indicator. It's just a mouse.

Notable bugs include falling blocks sometimes getting stuck on walls. Just move things around a bit. This is never (that we've seen) permanent.

Prepare to Alt+tab your way out of the game if you have not reached the end. There is no pause menu/exit method before reaching the end of the (not very long) included level.


Holy Shoot.zip 60 MB

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