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Submission for the WWU Game Jam! Only partially working in this update.
Note: There is no pause menu, so we'd suggest playing in windowed mode for easy quit access.

Synopsis: It's not over yet, but you can literally see the end of your world approaching! Your entire little planet is made of a ball of yarn, unraveling as you go flying through the stained-glass cosmos! Your goal is to reach the various "Little Clews" that come floating by your planet, and use them to tie more yarn to your world. Beware though, sometimes they're not as uninhabited as they may seen, and if you aren't quick to deal with the threats, you may find yourself worse off than you were before!

What's here?
This will be updated later, but as of now there is a slowly shrinking main world, with a single yarn ball waiting nearby. This ball is the Moth Invaders, Lvl 1 game.

Left and Right arrow keys to move. Space to jump or shoot.

This will be updated in the near future.
Music: Daniel Peterson
Artwork: Kateah Nims
Programmer: Wes Eason
Programmer: Josh Northouse

Install instructions

Just download and extract the .zip file. Run the .exe!


String Theory.zip 16 MB

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